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Catholic Cover-Up - assault” Such phrases in the article...

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Gregory Taylor English 1213 The article “The Great Catholic Cover-Up,” by Christopher Hitchens explains the Vatican’s efforts to keep secret allegations of child rape and sexual assault by its priests. Throughout the article, Hitchens divulges that the Vatican has hired such offenders as Joseph Ratzinger to high positions despite what they have done. The author’s main point is that the Catholic Church has become an institution that is content with sexual assault among its priests; and for that, the church has “the stench of evil”. As mentioned in the article, it seems that the Catholic Church’s priorities lie in covering- up sexual assault cases rather than letting the priests confess their mistakes. Alternatively, the author portrays this point in a less than reliable manner. For example, when explaining Ratzinger’s return to pastoral work, he describes this by saying he “resumed his career of sexual
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Unformatted text preview: assault”. Such phrases in the article question the validity of its thesis. If the author portrays a biased opinion on the subject, the point in question feigns in validity. Despite the author’s presentation of the subject, he does back it up with quotes from reliable sources such as Rev. Gabriele Amorth. As for the topic of the article, it is a very serious subject that needs to be dealt with. If the Catholic Church shows that it is willing to cover-up sexual assault rather than deal with the consequences, what else will they be willing to cover-up? Are priests that are accused of sexual assault arrested or pardoned? What happens to the kids that are sexually assaulted by priests? Should the Government interfere with the situation?...
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