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Forced Labor draft - Gregory Taylor Taylor 1 English 1213...

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Gregory Taylor Taylor 1 English 1213 Essay 2 Final Forced Labor Dilemma Within the article “Chinese Factories, Flouting Laws, Hire Children From Poor, Distant Villages” by David Barboza there is an ethical dilemma regarding the use of forced labor in Chinese factories. As an increasing number of workers in sweatshops are hired from distant villages there have been arguments over whether or not this is an ethical practice. What should be considered, however, is that those that are taken from their villages to work at sweatshops more often than not provide an income for their impoverished families. As such, forced labor should not be considered an ethical dilemma; however it should be considered a way out and a positive for families in distant villages. As mentioned in the article, many children in China are kidnapped from their families and taken to sweatshops in the city (Beijing) to work. From just that bit of information many would be skeptical as to the moral practice of forced labor. There is no real way to justify taking someone else’s daughter or son away from their family against their will. However, regarding forced labor, the ends justify the means. As a way out for impoverished families, it is hard to view forced labor as completely unethical. As Barboza’s states, many of the villages are “plagued by drug abuse and AIDS” (79). Because of this, the children that are taken from the villages are in a way saved from their Taylor 2
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impending environment. No longer would they have to deal with starvation or poverty; instead, they have a means to provide not only for themselves but also for their families by working in the sweatshops. In many cases, those living in distant villages have only farming to rely on. Farming, however, has become increasingly unprofitable in China as it increasingly becomes more industrialized. As such, those residing in distant villages face the dilemma of pressure to conform to industrialization or face eventual poverty. And though it may sound unethical to have children forced into labor to provide for their families, the practice is actually rooted in Chinese
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Forced Labor draft - Gregory Taylor Taylor 1 English 1213...

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