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Gregory Taylor English 1213 Proposal In David Barboza’s article “Chinese Factories, Flouting Laws, Hire Children From Poor, Distant Villages,” he talks about the labor problem in China. As a way out for most impoverished families in China, can forced labor really be labeled as a problem? For my thesis, I would state that because forced labor provides a way out for most impoverished families it cannot be considered a crime against humanity or a problem. Though most of the workers are
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Unformatted text preview: taken against their will, in the end they provide an income for their families that reside in the villages. As such, I would back up my thesis with the fact that it is a Chinese custom for the offspring to provide for their parents when the parents are no longer able to work. In addition to this, I would state and find factual backings to prove that without forced labor most impoverished families would end up starving....
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