Hollywood - G regory Taylor English 1213 3B Draft Movie...

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Gregory Taylor English 1213 3B Draft Movie Money Within Peter Bart’s The Gross , he attributes Hollywood’s wealthy success to blockbusters released during the most pivotal point in the year; the summer. As such, he argues that directors can get away with artistic flaws just as long as the movie is “extravagantly hyped” (4). As with other scholars, such as Jon Lewis in his book The End of Cinema As We Know It , and David Waterman’s Hollywood’s Road to Riches , they agree that there is an increase in the audiences leniency towards the quality of movies just as long as it seems expensively made. Other scholars, however, would counter this argument pointing out that independent films (such as The Blair Witch Project ) grossed millions of dollars with a small budget. As such, low-budget films can be just as potent as movies with high-budgets. Though many scholars nowadays label Hollywood as a money-mongering machine, other scholars such as Justin Wyatt and Chuck Kleinhans would argue otherwise. Their main source of argument comes from the creation of independent
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films; films that are inexpensive to make and are largely created for the sake of art. Kleinhans, for example, describes that independent films’ appeal comes from the
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Hollywood - G regory Taylor English 1213 3B Draft Movie...

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