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Oh Canada - hundreds of college campuses in the U.S she...

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Gregory Taylor English 1213 The article “Oh, Canada!” by Ann Coulter describes her mistreatment by the Canadian Parliament and the provost of the University of Ottawa Francois A Houle. By Canada’s laws and regulations regarding hate speeches, Coulter argues that she was treated unfairly because, in all fairness, she did not even give a speech. By this token she brings up examples of past speakers such as Omar Barghouti who provoked hatred towards Israel. Though violence was an expected reaction towards her arrival/speech at the University of Ottawa, Coulter proclaims that she was treated unfairly by Houle by accusing Coulter of crimes she had not committed. The subject of Coulter’s article sheds a light on Canada and the United States’ differences in freedom of speech. Though she had been met with confrontation when giving speeches at
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Unformatted text preview: hundreds of college campuses in the U.S., she finds Canada’s reaction to be overwhelming and unnerving. From this, she derives that Canada has a definitive biased against conservative speakers. Though her reaction via her article seems a bit immature, it also puts forth a legitimate argument. Did Canada reject her arrival at Ottawa simply because she was a conservative or rather because of her reputation? Either way, the reaction put forth by Houle seems unfair and also describes the whole of Canada’s character as lacking diversity by rejecting differing opinions from conservatives. What is Canada’s overall opinion of conservatives? What is Ann Coulter’s reputation as a public speaker? Did she request to speak at the University of Ottawa or did the university request that she come?...
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