Priest article - present however the author argues that...

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Gregory Taylor English 1213 RR #7 The article “Priest accused of U.S. abuse still working in India” by Ravinessman describes the situation of one priest by the name of Rev. Joseph Palanivel Jeyapaul. The priest was accused of abusing a 14-year old girl three years ago in Minnesota, and has since moved to India where he works at a Catholic school. The author argues that this sort of behavior should be punished, going as far as saying that priests unfairly receive special treatment. As such, he believes it is surprising how easily priests can be redeemed from such behavior by simply moving from church to church. This subject, of course, is not new at all. Catholic priests have been known to sexually abuse children for a while. What is different in this situation is that there seem to be no ramifications for their actions. The author cites that, in 2001, there was a crackdown on priests’ abuse of children under the ruling of Pope Benedict XVI. Ever since, it has been custom for priests to turn themselves in when such crimes are committed. At the
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Unformatted text preview: present, however, the author argues that under the new Pope ruling, the law has become more lenient on the sexual crimes of priests. As such, any other institutions of the same stature as the Catholic Church would expect direct punishment via the law were it under the same situation. Because such circumstances have been behest upon the Catholic Church, the general consensus is that Catholic priests can pretty much get away with any sexual crime just as long as they move to another church (in Jeyapaul’s case, another country). Without punishment through the law, the author claims that the priest can be redeemed with a year of prayer, whereas a man in a similar case would expect 30 years in jail. What has the U.S. Government done in order to prohibit such behavior among Catholic priests? What is the current Pope’s view on such sexual crimes? Has Catholic Church attendance dropped ever since such crimes were publicly revealed?...
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Priest article - present however the author argues that...

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