Finance essay - Group Name John Stamos Our five...

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Group Name: John Stamos Our five stocks (Logitech International, Activision Blizzard, Inc., Verizon Communications Inc., Netflix, and Playboy) each acted relatively different from each other. From the first day we bought the stocks (1/25/11) to the day that we eventually sold them (4/18/11) the stocks experienced highs and lows with a select few staying stable even through market fluctuations. As such, the majority of our stocks had many inherent risks with little expectations of being profitable. Of our five stocks, only three ended up being profitable. Netflix profited $3,257.54, Verizon profited $907.80, and Playboy made a gain of only $25.74. It is likely that the successes of both the Netflix and Verizon stocks are due to their recent activity in the consumer market. Verizon, for instance, had recently included the iPhone into their network, effectively boosting sales. As such, this market success translated into an effective $907.80 profit for our 356 shares of its stock. Netflix, our most profitable stock, likely was able to do so through its consumer
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Finance essay - Group Name John Stamos Our five...

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