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Written Business Communication BCOM 3113 Syllabus Instructor: Kristina Davis Office: TBA Phone: TBA E-mail: [email protected] Checked daily during the business week Practice business communication by checking yours daily also Office Hours: TR 10:30-11:30 and by appointment Textbook: Guffey, M.E. & Loewy, D. (2011). Business Communication: Process & Product . 7/e Mason, OH: Cengage Learning. Used extensively in class! Two Cengage Access Codes included in textbook package: one for Applia and one for meguffey Recommended Reference Text: The Business Writer’s Companion Prerequisite: 50 semester credit hours (junior standing) Supplies: Content: The focus of this course is on the characteristics of effective business writing as well as a review of standard grammar and punctuation. COURSE GRADES —A total of 1000 points is possible for the course. Course totals with a percentage point of .5 or above will be rounded up (e.g. 79.5 80). Final grades follow this division: A = 900-1000 B = 800-899 C = 700-799 D = 600-699 CLASS WORK and HOMEWORK—Worth 25% (250 points) of the total 1000 points BCOM 3113 is a skills-building course and building a skill takes practice ! Consequently, you will have practice opportunities in almost every class period . Your improvement in written communication will be proportional to the effort you invest in practicing it. Attention! —Class work, including quizzes, cannot be made up; thus, class attendance is critical. Homework and class work must be typed, printed, and handed in to me in hard copy (not by e-mail) in order to receive points. Include your on all assignments. Grading includes some editing: However, “ ESH” on you paper = “Editing Stops Here” Class work/homework includes but is not limited to In-class quizzes (announced and unannounced) Online chapter review quizzes (reading quizzes). You must complete these before class. Aplia Discussion posts Personal Language Trainer certificates Work on assignments, often in one of the computer labs (B-02 in the basement of the Peer reviews of major assignments Conferences over major assignments
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Always bring your flash drive with all your BCOM assignments saved on it to every lab class. You cannot work on class assignments and receive points if you do not have an e-file of the assignment. As a backup , always save your work by sending it to your email so that you can also access your assignments through your okey account. Another backup system is to save it to your H: drive . Always bring drafts of earlier assignments to
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DavisSyl_Fa11 - Written Business Communication BCOM 3113...

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