Editing Step - Editing Step-by-Step When you edit a...

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Editing Step-by-Step When you edit a document, your basic job is to read “like the real reader” would. This means you try to anticipate the audience’s expectations, level of knowledge, and purpose. As an editor, you offer suggestions, request clarifications, and provide advice to the writer. As part of a “review and revision” process, you and your colleagues will often write, edit, and revise as a team, creating documents that do the best possible job of conveying your intended meaning to the intended reader. Step One - Understand the Audience Think about the situation, document goals, and intended audience. List any specific content or format that have been requested by the client. How will this document fulfill the general business requirements of being action-oriented, sales-minded, rational and democratic? Step Two - Check the Format Look at the “whole” document to see if it “looks like” what your audience will expect. A good first impression depends on sending a letter that looks like a business letter, or a memo that looks like a memo. Compare a sample document with the one you are editing: 1. Does the document format conform to the client’s requests and expectations? 2. Are the margins about the same size? Is the text centered both up and down and from side to side? Does the page look full, but not “tight”? 3. Are the paragraphs blocked, single spaced and all separated by the same amount of space? 4. Do any graphics, bullets, or spacing changes support the message content? 5.
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Editing Step - Editing Step-by-Step When you edit a...

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