EEE_3033_Women_and_Minority_Entrepreneurship_Syllabus Fall 2011 v.1

EEE_3033_Women_and_Minority_Entrepreneurship_Syllabus Fall 2011 v.1

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IMAGINE > BELIEVE > CREATE 1 School of Entrepreneurship - EEE 3033 Minority and Women’s Entrepreneurship Race, Gender, and Entrepreneurial Opportunity -a general education diversity course- Fall 2011 Mondays and Wednesdays, 4:00 pm- 5:15 pm Class meets in Journalism Building 208 Instructor: Elizabeth M Payne, JD Office: 201 Hanner Phone: 405 919 7271 E-mail: Office Hours: Wednesday 10am to 2pm, and by appointment Website: I. Course Overview It is an exciting time for women and minority entrepreneurs. These groups are starting businesses at a faster rate than the population at large. Yet they are underrepresented in many industries, experience high failure rates, and often start lifestyle ventures that do not grow. So, how are we to understand race, gender, or ethnicity in light of these trends, especially when being a minority or woman has historically been identified as a barrier to business success? This course will look at these factors and their influences and impacts on the entrepreneurial revolution here in the US and around the world. We will look at: The status of minority and women’s entrepreneurship Societal conditions that support or block minority or women entrepreneurs Challenges to their entrepreneurial success Entrepreneurial strategies used Unique opportunities and resources, including the need for specialized communities, funding, government policies and regulations Empowerment through entrepreneurship II. Course Objectives The course is built around a number of core objectives. By the end of the semester, you should be able to: Define minority entrepreneurship and women’s entrepreneurship; Explain the philosophical and theoretical bases of both minority and women’s entrepreneurship; Understand the legal, historical social, and political factors that help explain both; Begin to identify and unpack the roles of sexism, racism, xenophobia, and poverty in both minority and women’s entrepreneurship; Use this understanding to begin to form insights and strategies for how the number of successful ventures launched by women and minorities can be increased Identify ways in which public policies can be modified to support women and minority entrepreneurship.
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IMAGINE > BELIEVE > CREATE 2 III. Course Reading Materials: All course readings are available for download on the course website on Desire 2Learn. All students are responsible for printing their own copies. IV. Student Assessment and Evaluation Mid-term exam: This will be given in class. Final exam: You will form a woman or minority owned business as a group project. You will submit a written paper and present your business concept to the class using a
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EEE_3033_Women_and_Minority_Entrepreneurship_Syllabus Fall 2011 v.1

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