Fall 2011 Week 2 Lecture 2 Women and Min

Fall 2011 Week 2 Lecture 2 Women and Min - Entrepreneurship...

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1 Entrepreneurship As Empowerment Why Empowerment? ---EEE 3033--- Women and Minority Entrepreneurship August 2011 Elizabeth M. Payne J.D. Department of Entrepreneurship Spears School of Business Oklahoma State University Theoretical Foundations and Definitions Entrepreneurship Basics What is E?/Definition/6 Stage Process Traits/Myths/Values of Es Course Approach How should we approach the study of Women and Minority Entrepreneurship? Shared E Values over Cultural Values across genders Morris Hawai Study What is the impact of race/gender/ethnicity on the E Process? Is this impact good or bad? What is the impact of the perception? Current State: Disparity between # of women and minorities in U.S. population and #s of women and minority owned businesses Why does the U.S. need more Women and Minority Es? Empowerment – Needed to close gap Guest Speaker Dr. John Chaney: Obstacles to Empowerment – Stereotypes, In group preference, Implicit Bias and Racism Entrepreneurship is a Values Based Phenomenon. E Traits/Values include: Passion for the Business Product/Customer Focus Tenacity despite Failure Execution Intelligence … E’s pursue Entrepreneurship because they: Want to “be their own boss” Want to “work on their own ideas” Interested in Financial Gain
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2 Entrepreneurial Values and the Ethnic Enterprise: An Examination of Six Subcultures. Morris and Schindehutte, (2005) asked: Do significant differences in cultural values impact: – Levels of Entrepreneurship ? – Nature of Entrepreneurship ?
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Fall 2011 Week 2 Lecture 2 Women and Min - Entrepreneurship...

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