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milestone1 - STUDENT NAMES Milestone#1 We as a group have...

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STUDENT NAMES Milestone #1 We as a group have chosen our majority shareholders to be female Native Americans. The general stereotypes associated with this ethnicity have been… Uncivilized and mystical lifestyles Lacking formal education Not entrepreneurial Alcoholism A highly concentrated group of government assistant recipients. As far as historical disadvantages go, Native Americans have been stereotyped early on and expected to be slaves on their own land. Oppression even went as far as displacing them out of their homelands and even from their families. Early on, Native Americans did not have the right to vote due to the fact they were not white landowners. Disadvantages also include personal equity opportunities on reservations. Also, social segregation has blocked opportunities for new technologies and innovation in the past. Personally, in our team, we have not been under this oppression; however, our families have been. Many of the benefits that Native Americans receive today are
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