Morris values ethnic JSBM

Morris values ethnic JSBM - MORRIS AND SCHINDEHUTTE 453...

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Unformatted text preview: MORRIS AND SCHINDEHUTTE 453 Journal of Small Business Management 2005 43(4), pp. 453–479 Entrepreneurial Values and the Ethnic Enterprise: An Examination of Six Subcultures by Michael Morris and Minet Schindehutte A vital question receiving only limited attention in the extant research concerns the implications of culturally based values for the successful creation and growth of entrepreneurial ventures. This study explores core values held by entrepreneurs in growth-oriented firms belonging to six subcultures based in the state of Hawaii. Thirty first-generation entrepreneurs each were interviewed from the populations of Japan- ese, Korean, Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, and native Hawaiian firms. Evidence is provided of commonalities and differences in the value profiles of the different types of entrepreneurs. While some of the salient values are clearly traceable to the entre- preneur’s native culture, it appears that entrepreneurs share certain core values regardless of cultural origin. Evidence is also provided of linkages between values and specific operational practices within the ventures studied. Implications are drawn for ongoing theory development and managerial practice. Dr. Morris holds the Witting Chair in Entrepreneurship and is chair of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises at Syracuse University. Author of five books and more than 100 journal articles, Mr. Morris specializes in research on entrepreneurial strategy, innovation practices, and the marketing and entrepreneurship interface, among others. Dr. Schindehutte is associate professor of entrepreneurship at Miami University. She has been a principal in two entrepreneurial startups. Her research interests center on entrepre- neurship under conditions of adversity, issues in women and minority entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial motivation. Entrepreneurship is increasingly rec- ognized as the prime vehicle for eco- nomic development in both developed and underdeveloped nations (Zacharakis et al. 2002; Acs 1999). Yet there are significant differences in cultural values and norms across cultures, differences that would seem to hold implications both for the levels and for the nature of entrepreneurial activity that occur in a given country or community. Researchers have demonstrated associations between entrepreneurial behavior and culturally based values such as individualism, achievement, independence, and mas- culinity (Lipset 2000; Berger 1991). At the same time, many cultures have value systems predicated on values that may be less consistent with entrepreneurial activity, especially where this activity implies risk, innovation, growth, and the reinvestment of profit....
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Morris values ethnic JSBM - MORRIS AND SCHINDEHUTTE 453...

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