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MKTG 4333-MARKET RESEARCH Data and Analysis Plan Grade Sheet SPSS Data File—Submit via D2L Dropbox Score Out of 1. Each respondent is identified by a unique survey id no. ____Yes=5 ____No=0 2. Formatting of SPSS data file is appropriate (i.e. type, labels, values and missing fields are adequately defined). ____Yes=10 ____No=_____ 3. Sample size is appropriate given the target population. ____Yes=10 ____No=_____ _____ 25 Data Analysis Plan Score Out of 1. Proposed analyses (i.e. test) are appropriate given the research objective. ____Yes=20 ____No=_____ 2. Proposed analyses (i.e. test) are appropriate given the measures available. ____Yes=20 ____No=_____ 3. Justification for proposed analyses demonstrates understanding of statistical
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Unformatted text preview: tests (purpose of tests and types of scales that are appropriate). ____Yes=15 ____No=______ 4. Proposed at least two managerially-meaningful, advanced data analysis tests. ____Yes=20 ____No=______ _____ 75 Overall Impression ____Begin data analysis once recommended changes to analysis plan are noted. ____Need larger sample: collect more data before beginning data analysis (failure to collect more data will result in major deductions from final report). ____Set-up an appointment to review your data analysis plan with the instructor before beginning any analysis. Overall Data and Analysis Plan Grade : ____/100...
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