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MKTG 4333—MARKET RESEARCH Presentation Content Grade Sheet 20% of Course Grade Overall Quality of Analyses (35 points) Key Criteria: Are the analyses appropriate given the research objectives? Are the analyses appropriate given the type of data? Does SPSS output only include relevant analyses? Is SPSS output organized by objective and in .spv format? Were at least two relevant/appropriate advanced tests performed? Demonstrate thoughtful understanding of study limitations (see lecture 4)? Describe sampling procedures? Demonstrate good understanding of research techniques? Other: _____________________________________________ Grading Scheme: _____Extremely Poor=0-14 _____Below Average=15-21 _____Average=22-25 _____Good=26-28 _____Excellent=29-35 Overall Quality of Data Interpretation (35 points) Key Criteria: Are respondents adequately described? Is the interpretation of the data consistent with the results/analyses? Does presentation effectively convey information uncovered in the study (including adequate use of graphs/charts and a description of the results)?
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