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-1- MKTG 4333 – MARKET RESEARCH Syllabus Addendum: Course Project Guidelines Project Overview As part of the course, you are required to design, execute, interpret and present the results of a survey-based market research study intended to address an issue of managerial relevance. While you are free to select any research question that interests you, the project proposal must first be approved by me. Project deadlines are highlighted on the course schedule. I encourage you to start thinking and working on your project as soon as possible. Although you are free to work at your own pace, it is my experience that teams which work at a consistent pace throughout the semester generate the highest quality projects. The project will require that you accomplish the following tasks: 1. Identify a client that will benefit from a market research study (the client can be any Oklahoma-based company or organization; you may not approach companies/ organizations that have served as clients for OSU market research courses within the last two years—see a list of recent clients at the end of this document). 2. Work with the client to accurately define the questions that need to be answered through the study; 3. Based on the client’s input, develop a proposal, research framework and a set of research objectives that serve as a guide for your study; 4. Build on the research framework and objectives to develop a questionnaire that can be used to obtain the data needed to adequately answer the client’s questions; 5. Use the questionnaire to collect data from the population of interest; 6. Use SPSS to analyze the data collected and answer the relevant research questions; and 7. Develop a research presentation which adequately summarizes your findings (details on the content and format of the presentation will be offered in the last lecture of the semester). Project Objectives The course project is designed to enhance your understanding of the fundamental marketing research concepts and practices that are covered throughout the semester. If you actively participate in all aspects of the project—once you complete the course—you should be equipped with the skill-set needed to successfully complete any type of survey-based marketing research study. Appropriate Research Questions As a general guideline, the questions your project addresses should be managerially relevant and related, directly or indirectly, to marketing. Marketing topics might focus on a problem your client company is experiencing (e.g. why do we get few repeat customers?), an opportunity the client wants to explore (e.g. should we market to OSU students?), or simply serve to establish baseline performance measures (e.g. are customers satisfied with our company?). Topics indirectly related to marketing might involve things such as employee satisfaction (e.g. how satisfied are employees?) or hiring practices (e.g. what makes a certain part-time job attractive to OSU students?). Group Dynamics
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Course_Project_Overview - MKTG 4333 MARKET RESEARCH...

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