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Qualtrics Survey Management Tool Account Set-Up and Overview Set-up an Account 1. Go to http://okstatebusiness.qualtrics.com 2. Click on the “Please click here to create and account,” link. 3. On the “email address line,” enter your OKEY email address. 4. Create a password for your account as instructed and then hit “Continue.” 5. The screen that follows will ask you for optional information. Enter your first and last names (this will help you collaborate with team members). Then hit “Finish.” 6. You should now be at a screen that looks like the one pictured to the right. Here is where you will enter the
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Unformatted text preview: following access code: spears2011 , and hit “Go.” Note: Failure to enter this code will cause your account to not work properly. 7. This will take you to a conformation screen where you will be told that a confirmation email is on its way. Once you receive the confirmation email, follow the instructions and your account will be activated. Logging into your Qualtrics Account 1. Go to http://okstatebusiness.qualtrics.com 2. Enter your okey email address as your username. 3. Enter the password you created for your account when you registered. 4. Hit “Login.”...
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