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Small Group Persuasive Presentation - Small Group...

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Small Group Persuasive Presentation Assignment Description Objective: Objective: To persuade your audience to take specific action about a significant social and/or cultural issue. This assignment combines the elements of persuasive and informative presentations. It is important for each student to realize that participating in a small group can be as trying as it is rewarding. Difficulties may arise from a number of issues, and should be considered opportunities to learn about the small group process. Under no condition should such difficulties be cited as a reason for changing one’s group membership . Rationale: The ability to construct and present orally a thorough, coherent, and well-supported argument advocating a specific attitude or behavior related to an important social issue will hone skills that are considered vital to the success of students’ personal and professional lives. Moreover, informed citizens are the lifeblood of a democratic society. This assignment will heighten students’ awareness of the complexity of social and cultural issues in their communities, their country, and their world, and will help make them more critical consumers. Textbook Reference: Units 10-17. Oral Component: A 30-35 minute in-class discussion, followed by a 10-15 minute forum. Working in groups can be very gratifying or very frustrating (or both). The probability of having a positive group experiences is enhanced when every group member makes a significant contribution to the group effort. In most cases, all group members will receive one grade for this part of the assignment. However, in cases where specific group member(s) do not contribute sufficiently to the group discussion, the instructor reserves the right to assign a different grade to those group members. Group members should report any difficulties to their instructor as soon as they develop. In instances where an individual has failed to contribute in any meaningful way to the group’s preparation, he/she may be prohibited from participating in the group discussion and will receive a zero for the in-class discussion portion of the assignment . Persuasive presentations must conform to the Motivated Sequence Organizational Pattern listed below (see pages 328-329 and Table 17.1 on pages 408-409 in the textbook for further information; a template is provided on page 30 of this handbook). Steps of the Motivated Sequence Organizational Pattern Gaining Attention Establishing Need Satisfying Need Visualizing Solution Call to Action Penalty for Presentation Time Violations : Students will be penalized for presentations that violate the established time limits for this assignment. See page 6 of this handbook for details. All presentations will be STOPPED at 39:00 . Written Components:
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Small Group Persuasive Presentation - Small Group...

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