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FIG URE 1-1 The Processing of Cases OCCURS THROUGHOUT TERM Cases Are Docketed • original docket (cases coming under its original juris- diction) • appellate docket (all other cases) Court Receives Requests for Review (7,000-8,000) • requests for original review • appeals (e.g., suits under the voting rights acts) • certification (requests by lower courts for answers to legal questions) . • petitions for writ of certiorari (most common request for review) OCCURS THROUGHOUT TERM OCCURS THROUGHOUT TERM Justices Review Docketed Cases • chief justice, in consultation with the associate justices and their staffs, prepares discuss lists (approximately 20-30 percent of docketed cases) • chief justice circulates discuss lists prior to conferences Conferences • selection of cases for review, for denial of review • Rule of Four: four or more justices must agree to re- view most cases BEGINS MONDAYS AFTER CONFERENCE 1~~ o_u_n_c_e __ me_n_t_of_A_cti __·o_n __on__c_a_se_s ~ ~ Clerk Sets Date for Oral Argument
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