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Courts and Judicial Process POLS 3983 3 credits Fall 2011 Professor Eve M. Ringsmuth Office 204 Murray Hall Office hours T and Th 11:00 am-12:30 pm Email [email protected] Location Classroom Building 101 Time T-Th 2-3:15 pm Course Description This course examines political aspects of the legal system, with an emphasis on the social scientific literature on law and legal process. The principal purpose of this course is to introduce you to the structure of the U.S. judicial system and the scientific study of judicial politics, with particular focus on the Supreme Court. Specifically, we will examine the judicial decision making process including how cases get to the Supreme Court and the specific procedures the Court uses to render decisions, as well as theoretical issues regarding judicial process and politics. Expectations for Student Conduct I expect all students to attend class prepared to participate in any class discussion. Class discus- sions are expected to be civil, rational, and respectful of the opinions of others. Class attendance is vital to your success in this course. You will be held responsible for all material in the textbooks and in lectures, even if you miss a class. All activities at Oklahoma State University, including this course, are governed by the OSU Student Conduct Code. Inappropriate behaviors include but are not limited to reading the newspaper, cell phones ringing, not paying attention to class activities, arriving late, and leaving early. Students who engage in behavior that disrupts the learning environment for others may be subject to disciplinary action under the Code. In ad- dition, students responsible for such behavior may be asked to cancel their registration, or have their registration cancelled. Furthermore, OSU values the diversity of backgrounds, opinions, and values of its students and strives to promote a respectful learning environment. See the follow- ing link for more information. ( http://www.okstate.edu/ucs/SCEA/srr.htm ) Sexual harassment is strictly prohibited by Oklahoma State University and will not be tolerated. For more infor- mation about the definition of and policies regarding sexual harassment, see the following link. ( http://www.okstate.edu/ucs/SCEA/genderdiscrimination.htm ) Required Texts Baum, Lawrence. 2010. The Supreme Court. 10th Edition. Washington: CQ Press. O’Brien, David, Editor. 2009. Judges on Judging: Views from the Bench. Washington: CQ Press. * Note there will be other assigned readings available online from the course website on D2L. 1
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Course Requirements Midterm Exam 30% Exam will be taken in class. Midterm Exam Date : October 20, 2011. Final Exam 30% Exam will be taken during the University scheduled time. Final Exam Date : December 13, 2011 (2-3:50 pm), regular classroom. Writing Assignment 35% You will write a paper in which you will apply your knowledge of the Court and its role in the U.S. system of government. More details to follow.
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