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Essay 4 Rough Draft Illinois Democratic senator Barack Obama is currently making his case to become the next President of the United States. During one of the Presidential debate, Obama rhetorically asked, “We are a country of immigrants. We are a country of law. And the question is: How do we balance this appropriately?” Then he follows the question with a quick answer, “We can solve the problem constructively by making our policy better.” Obama does not go into details on how we can make the issue of illegal immigration disappear. But his overall summary of a plan can give the United States a reasonable start to stop this problem. Illegal immigrants are hiding in the shadows because the immigration policy right now is extremely slow and expensive, the United States government can get these undocumented aliens out by changing our policy with a faster and cheaper process. The American people want fairness; they think these illegal immigrants are taking advantage of what this American system can provide. The American people do not think it is fair that these immigrants are undocumented therefore do not have to pay taxes. Right now, there are about twelve million illegal immigrants living in the United States. Most think that these illegals should be deported. The citizens of this country have to realize that it is impossible to deport twelve million people back to their own country. Especially with the Department of Homeland Security; they believe it would be ridiculous, impractical, and highly disturbing to the American economy. Deportation is not a solution. Obama suggests that, instead of mass deportation, he believes that Congress must pass a compassionate reform that endorses our current law and brings this undocumented
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population out from hiding. But first and foremost, it is exceedingly important to fix the LEGAL immigration system because right now the United States got a backlog; that means people who did come to this country legally are waiting a long time to either apply or become citizens. What’s worse is, the current Bush administration has the present fees at an increasing rate. Some legal immigrants have already found a loophole in this system. For example, Mohammad Barikbin came to the United States in 1988 as an Iranian immigrant. He now has a 26-year-old son in the Marine and a 16-year-old son playing high school football. You cannot get anymore American than that. The problem that still remains was that he was not an American citizen. Barikbin’s application has been pending for three and a half years inside the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). His application has been under a background check through terrorism and crime watch lists. “But in 2005, about 270 lawsuits filed against USCIS were over delayed name checks, USCIS spokesman Chris Bentley says. Last year, there were more than 4,400 such lawsuits” (Bazar). These immigrants have figured out how to get their names clear; that is to file lawsuits. But the problem is, not all immigrants can afford
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English Essay 4!!! - Essay 4 Rough Draft Illinois...

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