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Gershon, Sarah A. and Adrian D. Pantoja. “Political Orientations and Naturualization Among Latino and Latina Immigrants.” Social Science Quarterly 87.5 (2006): 1171-1187. Adrian Pantoja and Sarah Gershon did a study on how the naturalization process of Latino culture has made an impact on the United States. Throughout their study, they show the differences in goals between Latinas and Latinos. Pantoja and Gershon use data from the 1999 Harvard/ Kaiser/ Washington post “Latino Political Survey” to help them conclude their further argument. The argument is to present the reality of positivism the Latino culture has given. For example, “The 2000 U.S. Census reports that out of 23
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Unformatted text preview: million adult Latinos, only 13.2 million, or 57 percent, are U.S. citizens.” The most critical point of this article is the statistics that Panjota and Gershon provides. As a result, they conclude that Latinas are more likely to opt for U.S. citizenship than Latinos. The data helps us get a mind set on what the study looks like. Also, this fact could help set apart the reasons why some chooses to come to the United States illegally or legally. This source is very reliable because statistics is free of bias. This source will definitely be helpful to me because I will be using most of the statistics from this article to help back up my argument....
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