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English3A-#3 - immigrant child he describes his portrayal...

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“Border Town.” The Virginia Quarterly Review 83.2 (2007):31-37 “Border Town” is written anonymously to show the hardships of being an immigrant. This article presents many pictures that could really get the audience emotional. The pictures as well as this article concentrate on the children that are immigrants themselves. Sometimes it is hard and sometimes it is easy for immigrant children to adapt in a new country. The anonymous author tells about how from the moment foreigners set foot on American soil, it has been difficult to adapt and escape the hardship to become an American. He also gives a bit of his/her personal information as he was once an
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Unformatted text preview: immigrant child; he describes his portrayal to border towns that stretches from Tijuana to Matamoros. This information is somewhat biased, because it comes from one person’s opinion. However, the persuasive points can really be brought out by the photos. The goal of this source is just to get the audiences’ emotions going. I could really use this source to back up my argument, because it uses strong pathos. Even though it is opinionated I can use it along with my personal story, because they are both very similar....
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