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Motomura, Hiroshi. “Choosing Immigrants, Making Citizens.” Stanford Law Review 59.4 (2007): 857-870. In this article, Hiroshi Motomura introduces the audience to The Second Order Structure of Immigration Law by Professor Adam Cox and Eric Posner. Before knowing about the “second” structure, Motomura tells us about the first one, which consist of three dimensions: number of immigrants, the type of immigrants, and their terms of admission. Then the second- order creates the central criteria derived from the first-order decisions. Basically, this article tells about how a legal scholar would choose an immigrant. This article is reliable, because it helps the audience understand how to make choices about
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Unformatted text preview: immigration by explaining the criteria the immigrant has to meet. This source is not biased to a certain extent because it is a fact coming from an unwritten law from the government. The goal of this source is basically just telling how an immigrant is or can be chosen. I will use this article as a reliable fact, because it would help me explain how an immigrant can be chosen to come to the United States. The whole second structure deal can really back up what I have to say by explaining itself in a way so the audience would understand where my standpoint comes from....
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