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LaMarche, Gara. “Is Anyone Alien from the Social Contract?” SOC 44 (2007): 19-23. In this article, Gara LaMarche presents his observations about illegal immigration. LaMarche’s focal points in his observation are within his researches throughout this article. He uses many historic quotes to back up his explanations. For example, he quotes Founding Father Benjamin Franklin in describing the history of foreigners, “Pennsylvania will in a few years become a German colony; instead of learning our language, we must learn theirs, or live in a foreign country.” He also talks about the Emma Lazarus Fund which supports nonprofit organizations that offer direct services to legal immigrants in the area of naturalization assistance and legal services. He then uses the movie De Nadie which means “no one” to explain “a story of maiming and death through unsuccessful efforts to jump aboard the only northbound freight train, and of
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Unformatted text preview: murder, rape and other violence at the hands of railroad security and corrupt Mexican police. Overall, LaMarche makes clear on whether immigrants can deserve the same rights as the native citizens. This article is reliable, because the facts LaMarche presents can give us a good look at how an illegal immigrant deserves the same rights a citizen has. This source is not biased, because he uses legitimate facts to back up his explanation. Basically, the goal of this source is to tell audience how an immigrant can have rights to use social benefits and citizens rights overall. I will use this article to show how illegal immigration is not as bad as people think it is. I can use LaMarches explanations to show my reader how an immigrant deserves the same rights....
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