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English3A-#8 - cite a report by the Center for Adult...

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Dryden-Peterson, Sarah, et al. “Adult Language Instruction in the United States: Determining Need and Investing Wisely.” Harvard Educational Review 77.4 (2007) 515- 521. Margie McHugh and her follow authors first present essays in Securing the Future: U.S. Immigrant Integration Policy, A Reader , edited by Michael Fix. In the essays, it details that “immigrants consider English proficiency a central part of their pathway to ‘making it’ in this country.” Throughout the article, the authors talk about the English language and how it affects immigrants. Studies show that most adults who spoke English have an easier life; they could talk to their children’s teachers easier; they can access health care effectively; and it also becomes easier to pass the citizenship test. “Murguia and Munoz
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Unformatted text preview: cite a report by the Center for Adult English Language Acquisition, which documented that almost half of the 1.2 million adults in federally funded adult education programs are there to learn English, even if the focus of the class is something else.” Overall, this article is reliable, because it shows readers how life can be easy in America if English can be learned and spoken; it does so by providing statistics. The goal of this source is to show that the majority of immigrants are trying to learn English. I could use this source effectively, because I can show the opposing point of view that patience is needed by people who think immigrants are just too lazy to learn the English language. I can provide statistics that this article shows to back up my further argument....
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  • English, Harvard Educational Review, English language acquisition, Center for Adult English Language Acquisition, Adult Language Instruction, Immigrant Integration Policy

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