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Dahlin, Eric C. and Ann Hironaka. “Citizenship Beyond Borders: A Cross-National Study of Dual Citizenship.” Socioloigcal Inquiry 78.1 (2008) 54-73. In this article, Eric Dahlin and Ann Hironaka explain the “implications for state boundaries and citizens' identity.” Throughout the article, they present their further research in dual citizenship and its effect on United States. They show how dual citizenship only occurs when a state legally permits its citizens to simultaneously hold citizenship in two or more nation-states. “The United States, for instance, often differs between formal policy and practice. The United States requires naturalized citizens to formally renounce their prior citizenship, which implies the United States would not
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Unformatted text preview: recognize dual citizenship. Such fact shown by Dahlin and Hironaka convinces the audience on what their proposal has to say, which is to suggest that scholars need to additionally consider citizenship identity as a source of national assimilation of the international community and post national citizenship in world culture. The overall message in this article is to tell audience how dual citizenship works and how complicated it can get sometimes. This information is reliable, because most of it is backed up by research. I will use this article to how my readers how dual citizenship works and how sometimes it can be flawed....
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