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Ngai, Mae M. “Nationalism, Immigration Control, and the Ethnoracial Remapping of America in the 1920s.” Magazine of History 21.3 (2007): 11-15. Mae Ngai begins in this article with the classic book, Strangers in the Land , written by John Higham. Ngai quotes, “The anti-foreign wave that flowed without pause for two decades in the early twentieth century…must stand alone in its persistence, in its complexity, and in the massiveness of its institutional deposit…The country would never be the same again, either in its social structure or in its habits of mind.” Ngai quotes this book because of how anti-immigrant it is. Throughout the whole article, Ngai shows the
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Unformatted text preview: history of immigration and its effects to this country. He also talks about the immigration acts of 1952 and 1965 which limited a certain number of visas for immigrants. He uses these facts to show how limited an opportunity is for an immigrant to come. A visa is a document which permits the immigrant to enter the country. Overall, Ngai does a good job telling and explaining the history of immigration. The source is reliable because of the historic facts that are presented. I will use this article to show my readers the history of immigration in the United States. Then I can compare and contrast between what was then and what is now....
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