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Work Cited “Border Town.” The Virginia Quarterly Review 83.2 (2007):31-37 Cox, Adam B. and Eric A. Posner. “The Second-Order Structure of Immigration Law.” Stanford Law Review 59.4 (2007) 809-857. Dryden-Peterson, Sarah, et al. “Adult Language Instruction in the United States: Determining Need and Investing Wisely.” Harvard Educational Review 77.4 (2007) 515- 521. Ferri, Javier, et al. “Illegal immigration booms and welfare in the host country.” Eur J Population 22 (2006): 353-370. Gershon, Sarah A. and Adrian D. Pantoja. “Political Orientations and Naturualization
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Unformatted text preview: Among Latino and Latina Immigrants.” Social Science Quarterly 87.5 (2006): 1171-1187. Mareth, Joanna R. “New World, Same Problems: Entry, Arrival, and the One-Year Deadline for Asylum Seekers.” Washington Law Review 82.1 (2007): 149- 174. Motomura, Hiroshi. “Choosing Immigrants, Making Citizens.” Stanford Law Review 59.4 (2007): 857-870. Ngai, Mae M. “Nationalism, Immigration Control, and the Ethnoracial Remapping of America in the 1920s.” Magazine of History 21.3 (2007): 11-15....
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