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Humanities_final - General Humanities Summer 2009 Final...

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General Humanities Summer 2009 Final Name:_______________ Date:________________ 1. Define Prehistory. The study of history before the appearance of written records 2. What did the seasonal cycles represent in prehistory? They represented the turning points in nature 3. What were the first four civilizations? 4. Why was the Nile of such great importance to the Egyptians? It gave them the water and fertilization necessary for their crops to survive 5. Explain the legend of Oirsis. 6. Explain the embalming process. It involved removing all of the internal organs except the heart. The organs were embalmed separately except for the brain which was discarded. The corpse was then wrapped in fine linen and placed in an elaborately ornamented coffin which was floated down the river to a burial site located at Gizeh and Saggara 7. Who was the most famous Pharaoh? Tutankhamun 8. Define epic. A long narrative poemthat recounts the deeds of a legendary or historical hero in  his quest for meaning or identity
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9. What was the Hammurabi Code? It is mainly a moral code for the people. Its civil and criminal statues specify penalties for murder, theft, adultery, etc… it is also a storehouse of information concerning things like class division, family relations, and human rights. 10. Define monotheism. The belief in one and only one god 11. What were the four Principal Castes? 1.BRAHMINS (the Priestly Class) 2.KSHATRIYAS (the Warrior Class) 3.VAISYAS (the Trading Class) 4.SUDRAS (the Servants) 12. What was the Vedas? A group of light skinned people who came after and took over the Sind 13. What two civilizations were parts of the classical legacy? Minoan civilization and Mycenaean civilization 14. Who was the hero in Iliad? ( HINT see chapter 4) Achilles 15. Describe Yin/Yang. The theory of Yin and yang is the basis of the old Chinese philosophy. Yin originally
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Humanities_final - General Humanities Summer 2009 Final...

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