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Western Oklahoma State College Arts and Human Division July Session Credit Hours: 3 Lecture Hours: 48 Lab Hours: 00 Pre-Req: None Co-Reg: None Catalog Description: This humanities course provides an examination of various art forms, including philosophy, drama, music, literature, painting and architecture from the beginnings of civilization through the Medieval Period and into the Early Renaissance. Textbook: The Humanistic Tradition, 5th Edition, Gloria K Fiero, McGraw/Hill Supplies: Learning Outcome:
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Unformatted text preview: Methods of Evaluation: Weekly chapter quiz, chapter reading assignment, chapter web activities, 3 short papers and a PowerPoint Presentation. Attendance Policy: Students are expected to log into the class on a regular basis, interaction will take place via email, telephone or appointments made during office hours. Withdrawal from class is the responsibility of the student. Forms are available from the information office. Please come by A-28 to have it signed....
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