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Name: ____Patrick Bakley _____________________ Chapter: ______Chapter 6 _______________________ General Humanities Reading Activity: Reading exercise directions: Each week you will submit a 3-5 paragraph typed paper on that weeks reading. Please pick something of interest out of the chapter and tell me about it. Did you like or dislike it? Why do you think it is important to your learning of humanities? I DO NOT want a summary of the chapter reading. If you turn in a summary I will count it as a zero. Roman is probably one of the most famous historical empires that the world knows. People are taught it in school, see it in movies, and even read it in the bible. Also, Rome is one of the more studied countries for its war, literature, art, architecture, and so on. I had never really heard the history of Rome’s beginning before. To see that it began from a group of Latin people, and grew into an almost worldwide nation is amazing. It was interesting to see that
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Unformatted text preview: Rome had actually begun as a Republic. I had always been taught that it had been a dictatorship, in school and church, starting with Caesar. It is also astounding at how much this chapter shows about the contributions that Rome has given us. They gave us the first encyclopedia, essays, speeches and quotes, architecture, and art. In fact, we have even used some of their architecture for buildings such as Thomas Jefferson’s Rotunda of the University of Virginia. They have given us ideas for republics, laws, and how to govern a large country. They have even given quotes for speeches or sayings of any kind such as “veni, vidi, vici” or better know “I came, I saw, I conquered.” This chapter filled in a lot of blanks that I had about Rome or where certain things came from. I thought it was brilliant how Rome went from being lowly Latin people to being the greatest nation of their time. All I can say is wow!...
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