chapter 8 - they didn’t mention how he killed many...

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Name: ____Patrick Bakley _____________________ Chapter: ______Chapter 8 _______________________ General Humanities Reading Activity: Reading exercise directions: Each week you will submit a 3-5 paragraph typed paper on that weeks reading. Please pick something of interest out of the chapter and tell me about it. Did you like or dislike it? Why do you think it is important to your learning of humanities? I DO NOT want a summary of the chapter reading. If you turn in a summary I will count it as a zero. Chapter eight is a chapter on religion, which I enjoy studying and reading about. Being a Christian myself, I enjoyed reading what the chapter had to say on about Christianity. That is not to say that I didn’t enjoy the other religions that were mentioned. I just, however, prefer to learn about Christianity. I thought it was interesting how the chapter had an almost passive tone toward the fact that Jesus was the Messiah. Then it discusses Paul, which I thought was wrong that
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Unformatted text preview: they didn’t mention how he killed many Christians before the grace of God allowed Jesus to come to him. I did, however, like how the chapter said baptized in Christ to live a new life, which most don’t believe is necessary. Buddhism was strange to me. Not in the fact that I had never heard it before, which almost everyone has heard of it including me, but in the fact that it was a very unusual religion. Most people do not want to die, because to die is to be gone forever to them. Buddhism actually tries to help you do just that, instead of living over and over again as they believe one inevitably does. I liked this chapter because it covered a subject that has always interested me, religion. I have actually tried several religions, and have found that the one that is most promising and easiest to do while being one that can be your downfall and is extremely hard is Christianity through the non-denominational church of Christ....
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chapter 8 - they didn’t mention how he killed many...

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