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Name: ____Patrick Bakley _____________________ Chapter: ______Chapter 10 _______________________ General Humanities Reading Activity: Reading exercise directions: Each week you will submit a 3-5 paragraph typed paper on that weeks reading. Please pick something of interest out of the chapter and tell me about it. Did you like or dislike it? Why do you think it is important to your learning of humanities? I DO NOT want a summary of the chapter reading. If you turn in a summary I will count it as a zero. It was hard to read about Islam, especially with what all is happening today in our world. As I read it, it became more and more interesting. However, I still did not like the subject much
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Unformatted text preview: at all. What I thought was interesting was the Muhammad starting the religion of the Muslims. As far as I could tell, he had just taken bits and pieces of the Christian faith and remade them to fit easier into a divided Arabic world. He allowed heaven to be more glorious, made hell less horrible, and made it easier to be saved. He destroyed idol worship and created a god similar to God. I thought it funny to read about these people and to hear them in a good light instead of a bad light. That fact made it a whole lot easier to read. I still, however, didn’t enjoy the chapter....
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