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chapter 2 web - The section about gods and goddesses was...

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Name: ____Patrick Bakley _____________________ Chapter: ______Chapter 2 ___________________ Web Activity: Web Activity- Each week you will be asked to visit a web site that I have provided over that  weeks reading/class martial. Each week you will visit the web site provided and then type of a  short 3-5 paragraph paper over the website. Please check the moodle class for each website. The chapter 2 website was almost exactly like the chapter 1 website. The only difference  between the two was the content. It wasn’t, however, like the chapter that it was pertaining to. In  the chapter, the Hebrew bible was discussed in pretty good depth, while the website had  nothing to say about it. Also, just like in the previous website, the thing that sparked my interest  was the section about gods and goddesses.
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Unformatted text preview: The section about gods and goddesses was extremely interesting. The story of their creation was particularly interesting. It was almost funny how part of their creation was tied to the Christian creation. In theirs, one of the gods creates man from clay and breathes life into the man. It is the same for Christianity. God creates man from clay and breathes life into the man. The rest of the chapter was interesting, but it just wasn’t as exciting as the Egyptians. Their culture did have similarities though. For example, both cultures are founded off of a particular belief. I just really didn’t get as into this site as the other one. Also, I thought it was funny that if you click on the picture of Mesopotamia, it will go straight back to the home page....
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