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chapter 4 web

chapter 4 web - Now the mythology of Ancient Greece is a...

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Name: ____Patrick Bakley _____________________ Chapter: ______Chapter 4 ___________________ Web Activity: Web Activity- Each week you will be asked to visit a web site that I have provided over that  weeks reading/class martial. Each week you will visit the web site provided and then type of a  short 3-5 paragraph paper over the website. Please check the moodle class for each website. I have always been fascinated with Greece, and particularly Ancient Greece. The main things that catch my attention are the wars and the Olympics, but I enjoy the mythology most of all. Mythology is basically the Greek religion, which religion, as someone could see so far, is the thing that most intrigues me.
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Unformatted text preview: Now the mythology of Ancient Greece is a very complex thing in itself. Just like many other religions, it all starts out from chaos. Then it gets extremely complicated. However, I would sum it as chaos gives birth to divine beings, the divine beings give birth to Titians and monsters, the Titians give birth to gods, the gods and monsters then banished the Titians to a distinct part of the underworld. It just amazes me at the religion that can be thought up and put into place. I thought that chapter 4 was the most interesting chapter so far. Greece just has so much history to go through. We have them to thank for a good portion of art and architecture, cultural history, and the Olympics....
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