chapter 19 web

chapter 19 web - Name: ____Patrick Bakley...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: ____Patrick Bakley _____________________ Chapter: ______Chapter 19 ___________________ Web Activity: Web Activity- Each week you will be asked to visit a web site that I have provided over that weeks reading/class martial. Each week you will visit the web site provided and then type of a short 3-5 paragraph paper over the website. Please check the moodle class for each website. Martin Luther was a very interesting character. The things he did in his life are extraordinary for this ordinary man. He establishes a church and helped people realize what God wanted them to do. Luther's life which encompasses his childhood, university studies and his time as an Augustinian monk is characterized by his search for religious understanding. Luther was living as a university professor in Wittenberg at this time. When he finally reached the understanding he was searching for, he realizes that there are many problems in the...
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chapter 19 web - Name: ____Patrick Bakley...

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