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Otis flies through the air and Daisy catches him. She then swings him to the safety platform on the other side. Then she swings on her own rope-swing and in a display of brilliant acrobatics, and flips in the air, lands on the safety platform opposite of Otis. This is one of my favorite scenes on the TV show “Back at the Barnyard.” “Back at the Barnyard” is becoming a very popular TV show for children on nickelodeon. Now if you have seen this show then you understand the false teachings this show has on children and even adults ignorant to agriculture. However, if you have never seen it then imagine with me a moment. Imagine a male dairy cow, with an udder, which is standing on his two hind legs, and is talking with the other farm animals to come up with ideas to make money for themselves or do some other outrageous stunt. This is a typical day on the farm for Otis, the male dairy cow. It is these shows and even books that teach children today that farm animals are free range and are almost human. Then when they are older they find out that it is no longer as common to see cows grazing in a quiet green pasture. Farm flocks of chickens that once gleaned waste around farmsteads have become a thing of the past. Pigs spending a sunny day together in a wallowing hole if pretty much unheard of. Farming is not what it once was. In fact, an increasing number of farm animals and birds are kept in pens, crates or cages. This practice, called "confinement" rearing, saves labor and makes more efficient use of feed, which is due to farms become larger and livestock producers taking advantage of new technologies and new systems for rearing and handling animals. When children grow up from hearing and seeing stories like “Back at the Barnyard,” and go out into the real world and see how animals are raised, really scare them. This scare then arises two types of activist that are against the way animals are
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raised today. They are Animal Right Activists and Animal Welfare Activist. Both of whom are very important to agriculture while at the same time hurts our agriculture. Animal Rights has been an issue for decades. The overall concept of animal rights goes far beyond protecting the physical well-being of animals. In addition, those who accept the concept of animal rights believe that animals have inherent legal and ethical rights that are the equal with those of humans. Those who take the most extreme view on animal rights support the total elimination of all uses of animals for food, clothing, leisure or research. They favor abolishing animal agriculture entirely. Most Americans do not agree that animals have rights equal or similar to those of humans. A huge majority of Americans eat meat, drink milk and wear leather shoes and jackets. At the same time, most Americans strongly oppose farming practices that would allow an animal to suffer unnecessary pain or stress. That is where real issues may arise. Animal Rights are what humans try to give animal s to allow them to have a
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FFA_Speech - Otis flies through the air and Daisy catches...

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