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Works Cited "Animal Welfare." Beef Production Facts . 2007. Beef. 2008 <>. Brooking, Keith. "View on Animal Rights Vs. Animal Welfare." Personal interview. 9 Dec. 2008. "THE CASE FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS." THE CASE FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS . 2007. ANIMAL RIGHTS AND HUMAN OBLIGATIONS. 2008 <>. "How can I help others understand how farmers care for animals?" Answers for Animal Rights Charges Against Agriculture . 2007. Ag Issues Library. 2008 <>.
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Unformatted text preview: &quot;&quot;The Welfare Of Cattle In Beef Production&quot;&quot; Factory Beef Production . 2008. Factoring Farming. 2008 &lt;;. &quot;What is the difference between &quot;animal rights&quot; and &quot;animal welfare?&quot;&quot; Understanding &quot;Animal Rights&quot; Vs. &quot;Animal Welfare&quot; 2007. Ag Issues Library. 2008 &lt;;. &quot;Will the public be satisfied with animal care standards set by producer organizations?&quot; Can Producers Set Their Own Animal Care Standards? 2007. Ag Issues Library. 2008 &lt;http://;....
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