Her name is Sasha Gardner

Her name is Sasha Gardner - Hello my name is Patrick Bakley...

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Hello my name is Patrick Bakley from Tipton Oklahoma, representing the Tipton FFA chapter, in “Overcoming Diversity”. In this presentation, you will be informed in how diversity has been promoted within my school, chapter, and community. Fellow FFA members were also of assistance in promoting diversity within our school, and community. This presentation will also exhibit, how the FFA has helped myself accept the principals of diversity and their importance in accomplishing goals not only in the FFA but also in our communities. Finally, I will show evidence of ways to promote this issue in communities across the country and more importantly how to overcome the stereotypes and the adversity that is associated with diversity. Her name is Sasha Gardner; she is a 25-year-old British model. Now many of you are probably wondering what this has to do with diversity. I mean she’s a model, and we all know that models are perfect. They’re flawless in beauty and would never have a problem. Well Sasha did have a problem. You see, she was born with a disorder called microtia. A disorder, that leaves some infants with only one ear. Growing up, she was an average kid and took her disability in stride. That was until other children came around. Some of her classmates would say things just because they’re curious, but others would do it just to torment her. She would play it off and
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laugh, but when she would get home she would just break down and cry. As
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Her name is Sasha Gardner - Hello my name is Patrick Bakley...

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