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Page 100 Question - Another situation can result from...

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Page 100 Question #1 Patrick Bakley Corporations are living entities and thus should be held responsible to protect the environment like everyone else. Many of the corporations say that they do, but are they actually doing such things and conservation of natural resources and developing ways to use them cleanly? It’s one thing to “talk the talk” but talking is useless unless you can “walk the walk.” An example of this would be to continue in the production of gasoline powered vehicles if technology has allowed us to make more “o-zone friendly” vehicles. They may say they are all for keeping the o-zone cleaner, but their actions show otherwise.
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Unformatted text preview: Another situation can result from clearing down forests. As each tree is killed, less and less oxygen is produced. Thus new trees should be planted as they go to insure that our oxygen can still be produced. A corporation should always keep the environment in consideration, especially since they must live in the same environment as the public. Additionally, they have an obligation to the stakeholder, and each stakeholder is affected by the environment around them. So hurting the environment hurts the stakeholder. So just saying they care is not enough. They have a duty to “walk the walk” and keep the environment healthy....
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