Contest Rules F11 - Hangman

Contest Rules F11 - Hangman - MAE 3033 Design Contest Fall...

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MAE 3033 Design Contest Fall 2011 Hangman You are to design and build a “robot” to compete in a head-to-head game called "Hangman" The game will occur on a 4-ft. by 8-ft. table (shown on the last page). There will be 3 bowling balls, hanging from an overhead support. The balls will be painted half Orange and half RED (OU). The contest will involve a series of head to head competitions between two machines. The objective of each machine is rotate the ball so that the Orange side of the ball is pointing in their direction. The total contest will be organized as a triple elimination event, with a grand champion surviving to the end. Sketches of the playing field are provided on the following pages. The table will be located at the Lab, until the day before of the contest.
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Rules 1. You will be supplied with three motors and 20 rubber bands. These are the only "pre-loaded" sources of energy that you may use in your machine. 2. Each round will last 60 seconds. Using a countdown timer, both competitors will start and stop their machines at the same time. The round is over when both machines have stopped moving and everything has come to a stable position so that a score can easily be determined. We will NOT use a photo finish.
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Contest Rules F11 - Hangman - MAE 3033 Design Contest Fall...

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