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Robert Williams 712339197 DRAM 115, Sect. 003 One comedy film that I love is Wedding Crashers with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Wilson and Vaughn go to many extravagant weddings pretending to be distant relatives in order to hook up with many girls at a vulnerable time. The entire movie is full of awkward times between the characters due to the fact that they are lying about their names, occupations, and family identity. They go to Secretary Cleary’s daughter’s wedding, but against their objective, both crashers fall in love with Cleary’s other two daughters. It relates to The Importance of Being Earnest in many aspects. Both productions focus on a prominent family that is loaded with money and has a high status within their society. To produce comedy and laughter throughout each production, the protagonists overturn the norms of society. With Jack, he leads a double life stating that his name is Earnest in order for Gwendolen to fall in love with him. The exact same situation occurs in
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