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.125 .125 Hardened Steel Stainless Steel Hardened Steel Stainless Steel Material Single Offset (Fig. 2) H E B C A W P P A Fig. 2 SINGLE OFFSET CONNECTING LINK Fig. 3 SPRING CLIP CONNECTING LINK Fig.1 ROLLER CONNECTING LINK D W A W P L A A C B BODY H P A A D LOCK LINK F COTTER PIN (SEE NOTE) .107 A 6Q 7-25RL A 6Y 7-25RL A 6Q 7-H25RL A 6Y 7-H25RL A 6Q 7-25SCCL A 6Y 7-25SCCL A 6Q 7-H25SCCL A 6Y 7-H25SCCL Hardened Steel Stainless Steel Weight Per Foot lb./ft. .1 STANDARD-DUTY TYPE HEAVY-DUTY TYPE STAINLESS STEEL NEW SIZES RIVETED ROLLER CHAIN Hardened Steel Stainless Steel Catalog Number Material P Pitch H Width A Thick- ness Priced Per Foot
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Unformatted text preview: B Pin Dia. C Roller Dia. 787 562 Tensile Load lb. • CONNECTING LINKS Roller (Fig. 1) Spring Clip (Fig. 3) STEEL SINGLE STRAND W E F A 6Q 7-25 A 6Y 7-25 A 6Q 7-H25 A 6Y 7-H25 .25 .232 .03 .09 .13 .19 .31 .33 .25 .232 .039 .09 .13 .21 .35 .38 1169 562 Roller Chain A 6Q 7-25 A 6Y 7-25 A 6Q 7-H25 A 6Y 7-H25 D +.002 -.000 A 6Q 7-25OSCLS A 6Y 7-25OSCLS A 6Q 7-H25OSCLS A 6Y 7-H25OSCLS L Pin Length .34 .43 NOTE: Cotter pin for HEAVY-DUTY TYPE. Retaining Ring for STANDARD-DUTY TYPE. 2-209A REV: 5-3-06 JC...
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