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Angela Parts of RM

Angela Parts of RM - Method Procedures Respondents had to...

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Method Procedures Respondents had to be in a heterosexual relationship to participate in the current study and were recruited via email or in person by friends of the researchers or friends of friends of the researchers. A survey, which took about 5-10 minutes to complete, was emailed to the participants and then emailed back to the researchers upon completion. For those participants who were recruited in person, a survey was handed to them then handed back upon completion. The survey consisted of 31 questions, a pool of: 16 relationship satisfaction questions, 5 sleep questions, and a variety of questions concerning stress, work, exercise and demographic questions. Participants A total of 40 individuals participated in the current study. The participants were equally male (50%) and female (50%). A majority of the participants were Caucasian (85%), with 7.5% American Indian, 2.5% American Japanese, 2.5% American Filipino, and 2.5% African American. The mean age was 21.95 years (SD = 6.05). The mean age of females was 21.35 years (SD = 4.65), while the mean age of males was 22.55 (SD = 5.45). All of the participants completed college or were attending college at the time of the study. Half of the participants were dating (50%) with 15 % married and 35% engaged. The average length of relationship was 2.33 (SD = 2.17) years for the dating couples, 5.17 years (SD = 0.83) for the married couples, and 2.75 years (SD = 1.08). The sample was very happy with their relationship with the mean of the Total Couple Satisfaction Index-16 (CSI-16) being 75.37 for females and 69.35 for males.
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Measures of Relationship Satisfaction and Sleep CSI-16. The CSI-16 (Funk and Rogue, 2007) is a 16-item measure of couple satisfaction. Higher scores indicate a higher level of relationship satisfaction, and a cut score of 51.5 has been validated in numerous studies to identify a relationship in distress. The score ranges from 0-81. An additional 5 questions were written by the authors to measure for sleep. These items can be found in the Appendix. Measures of Sleep and Stress
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Angela Parts of RM - Method Procedures Respondents had to...

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