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HDFS 3523 Case Verbatim Guidelines and Example I. Case study with Information a. Needs to be relevant to a human services oriented field b. Can use case study examples posted on D2L or create your own. You are responsible for making it relevant so it may be a good idea to run it by me first. c. Needs to give important background information about the client that is pertinent to the helping process. II. Verbatim of helping dialogue with identification of skills, goals, tasks in parenthesis. a. I only included the skills for the first two pages of this example but you are required to do this throughout the verbatim. b. Each group will turn in ONE ROUGH DRAFT written verbatim at the time of their presentation, therefore, you must work together (50 points). c. The verbatim needs to be long enough to capture the skills used and tasks of your assigned stage (at least 5 pages). d. The in-class presentation does not have to be word for word but should cover the general topic and utilize the skills important for your particular stage. e. I will post a rubric of what you will be graded on in class. III. Write up Grade- 50 points a. Relevance to the case study b. Ability to identify multiple skills learned in class along with the particular tasks of the stage that was assigned. c. Balancing the use of different skills (i.e. probes and highlights combo). d. Covering at least two tasks of the particular stage assigned (i.e. Stage II- possibilities and choices). e. Ability to integrate skills and techniques learned in class in an appropriate way. f. Ability to incorporate feedback given at the time of the presentation.
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EXAMPLE Stage II Counseling Verbatim Example Kayla, is a 22-year-old girl who has had some trouble with compulsive shopping and spending. She graduated the previous year and now works at Headstart. She got engaged when she was 20-years-old and after graduation the engagement was broken off. She has been in an estranged relationship with both of her parents since she left for college. She lives by herself and is completely on her own financially. She has an older sister whom she is very close to and talks with on a regular basis by way of telephone. In her spare time she likes to shop, run, and meet men in hopes of finding a committed relationship. Counselor: Good to see you again, Kayla. How have you been doing since our last session? (open-ended question/probe) Kayla: I’ve been doing well- about the same. The day of our last session I did really good. I didn’t go shopping at all that day but every day after that I have gone shopping but I haven’t spent as much as I have before. Counselor: That’s good you are making some improvements. Why don’t you pick a day that you went shopping this past week and tell me about that day? (Empathic Highlight/Open-ended question)
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Case_Verbatim[1] (Lothario's conflicted copy 2011-03-27) -...

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