Professional questions Beth Hergenrether

Professional questions Beth Hergenrether - Love it or your...

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Angela Cochrane February 15, 2011 HDFS 3523 List of Interview Questions 1. What is your job title? Adoption Specialist 2. What education did you receive to get to where you are? A college degree is necessary. She has a major in Biochemistry 3. What is a normal day for you? Compiling information, get reports from contractor put all the information together, submit it to a reader, send it to a placement request. Contractor do original homestudy. Every year she does a new study. All reassessments. Re do references 4. What are your primary responsibilities? Working with the family. Get families approved 5. What skills do you think are necessary to do the work that you do? A lot of hard work a lot of emotional work. Child welfare.
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Unformatted text preview: Love it or your not going to last very long. Child welfare long hours. Worn out 6. What is the most rewarding thing about your job? Knowing you are getting kids out of a system and into a home that is hopefully a good home 7. Do you have any personal advice that you can give to me? If you are going to get into don’t get into it too personally. Cant think about it too much. Constantly feeling guilty. Getting emotional isn’t going to help the kids 8. What is the most difficult situation that you have had to deal with in your job? Child Welfare. First kid ever picked up. Mom abandoned. Didn’t put any effort into her family. You can only help them so much. Drug through...
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Professional questions Beth Hergenrether - Love it or your...

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