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Education Information 81.3% of persons 25 years of age or older received a high school diplom 24.0% of persons 25 years of age or older received a Bachelor’s degree ( 8.1% of persons 25 year of age or older have completed a graduate level 18.7% of persons 25 years of age or older have not completed high scho 59 public primary education institutions (City Data). 20 private primary education institutions (City Data). 17 public secondary education institutions (City Data). 9 private secondary education institutions (City Data). 20 colleges and universities (City Data). 23.1% of nursing homes have serious deficiencies (“The south, Oklahoma,” 20 3.3% of nursing homes have no deficiencies (“The south, Oklahoma,” 2006). 205.1 per 100,000 people die from cancer (“The south, Oklahoma,” 2006). 448.4 per 100,000 known incidences of cancer (“The south, Oklahoma,” 2006) 21.3% disability prevalence (“The south, Oklahoma,” 2006). 13,997 people for aging and disability purposes use HCBS (“The south, Oklaho 90 Hospice services (“The south, Oklahoma,” 2006). 22.3% of the Oklahoma population is over the age of 55 (Caregiving in Oklaho 370,000 people who are informal caregivers in the state of Oklahoma (Feinberg 2790 people in nursing homes (City Data). 44 people in hospitals/wards and hospices for chronically ill (City Data). 12 people in hospices or homes for chronically ill (City Data). Child and Family Welfare In April, 2010 Oklahoma City’s Unemployment rate was 5.8% (C 18.1% of residents are below the poverty line (City Data). The average income per household is $41,411 (City Data). 2.4 is the average number of individuals per household (City Data Marriage and Divorce 50.3% of households are comprised of married couples (“The south, Oklahoma,” 2006). 20.3% of households are compromised of married couples with their own kids (“The south, Oklaho 33.2% of people have out of wedlock births Oklahoma (“State rankings by divorce rate, out-of-wed 5.98 per 1,000 people get divorced in Oklahoma (“State rankings by divorce rate, out-of-wedlock b General Demographics White alone - 329,012 (58.7%) (City Data). Hispanic - 88,298 (15.8%) (City Data). Black alone - 81,940 (14.6%) (City Data). Two or more races - 26,231 (4.7%) (City Data). Asian alone - 21,208 (3.8%) (City Data). American alone - 12,541 (2.2%) (City Data). Other race alone - 885 (0.2%) (City Data). Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone - 110 (0.02%) (Ci Adult Love and Care 123 Sesame Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73121  Phone: (405)-456-8495 Fax: (405)[email protected] Author One Program Director Eliminating abuse by implementing Love and Care” Adult Love and Care AUTHOR ONE Program Director Adult Love and Care rvices for adults who have been living in abusive situations. treet
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FINAL FIRST HALF! - Education Information General...

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