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Library_Database_Assignment_-_2011 - DUE February 3rd(in...

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DUE: February 3 rd (in class) STUDENT’S NAME _Angela Cochrane______ HDFS 3513 Library Database Assignment Dr. Kami L. Schwerdtfeger Spring 2011 This assignment is designed to help you learn how to use library data bases to find professional publications for your literature review paper and research team project. You have to select publications about some aspect of partner relationship satisfaction and at least one other variable related to an aspect of relationship satisfaction. These other variables may be variables thought to influence relationship satisfaction (e.g., age, length of relationship, number of children, SES) or variables influenced by relationship satisfaction (e.g., child behavior, parenting styles/behaviors, fertility intentions, stress level, general mood, self-esteem, relationships with others). One way to choose a variable is from abstracts of professional publications about partner relationship satisfaction in your initial searches. Once you have chosen a variable as a predictor or a consequence of relationship satisfaction, you can narrow your search. Topic searches of databases can then be done with combinations of terms for relationship satisfaction and for the other variables in which you are interested. In order to prepare for literature review, it will be best if you organize your research team first. Then, you can complete the following assignment for search terms that will help your research team. 1.
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  • American Psychological Association, Citation index, Science Citation Index, Dr. Robert Larzelere, Department of Human Development and Family Science, Julie Rutledge

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Library_Database_Assignment_-_2011 - DUE February 3rd(in...

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