Research_methods_test_1_review - CHAPTER 1 AND CHAPTER 2...

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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 1 AND CHAPTER 2 • What is illusory correlation? Two unique things that seem to have a relationship but don’t actually relate e.g. Rains after you wash your car, wealthy doctor, quiet librarian. Two events that stand out and occur together, but there isn’t necessarily a casual connection • Scientific skepticism o Empiricism-observing o Falsifiability-can be disproved o Peer Reviewed-Honesty and openness. Process ensures that research with major flaws will not become part of scientific literature • Three things that determine cause o Alternative explanations Nothing other than a casual variable could be responsible for observed effect o Temporal Procedure The cause precedes the effect o Co variation of cause and effect When the cause is present the effect occurs when the cause is not present the effect does not occur • Basic and Applied Research Basic Research is describing behavior . Attempts to answer fundamental questions about the nature of behavior. Cognition, emotion, motivation, learning. Crucial to public policy Applied research addresses issues in which there are practical problems and potential solutions. Program evaluation, needs assessment. Guided by theories and findings of basic research. Findings in applied settings often require modification of existing theories and spur more basic research • Research Question and Research Hypothesis (Be able to identify and write one) Research question: Formulation of the research idea as a question about a relation between variables. variables....
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Research_methods_test_1_review - CHAPTER 1 AND CHAPTER 2...

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